Working With Us

Working with Schools

Using our digital book building framework we are now extending our business into schools, academies and extra-curricular clubs.

Box of Frogs are now offering custom courses ranging from day long workshops to term length after-school clubs.

The digital book building course encourages:


  • Digital literacy
  • Creative writing
  • Performance
  • Basic Unity software skills
  • Layout design
  • Working with sound effects and sound files

Students will:

  • Work with digital media industry professionals
  • Work in teams to produce a collaborative project
  • Progress from working in ‘analogue’ paper and pens to importing into digital software
  • Understand industry standard processes
  • Work with professional sound engineers and animators
  • Produce a digital illustrated book available on the App Store

Get in touch to speak to us about customising a digital book building course with your students, entirely flexible to your schedule and budget.

Our Box Of Tricks

With every appbook created at Box Of Frogs Media, we have invested a great deal in our suite of technology focused on the telling of deeply interactive digital stories through appbooks.

We call this collection of technology Box Of Tricks and it’s opened with every appbook we make. It has all kinds of wonderful things in it, from the basics such as multiple page turn effects and narrative read modes, to more advanced features like physics based interactions and in-line games engines.

When building an appbook with us, the cost can vary depending on how much you are providing and our investment required in your book to bring it to market. We can operate on a full service basis where we do everything from writing, storyboarding, VO talent and record, to end to end development. Or you can do more yourself under our guidance and we will provide construction and publication services.

The choice is yours, so before you decide that making an appbook might be too expensive, talk to us and let’s see what we can do for you.

We love digital storytelling and we are sure we can help bring your creation to life. Drop us a line at