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Introducing our Storybook Bundle! Get 5 of our best apps in one download at a huge 20% discount.

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Included in the Storybook bundle:

The Little Lost Note

Join the Little Lost Note as she sets off on a journey to find her missing instrument. Follow her as she makes new discoveries, meets new friends and explores the magical, musical world surrounding her.

Little Lost Note includes interactive elements on every page for you and your little one to enjoy together. The Little Lost Note includes Read to Me and Read by Myself options as well as Night Light mode for especially quiet and calm bedtime reading.

Little Lost Note

“Reviewers rave about this children’s interactive bookapp, and it’s easy to see why.” Moms Trusted

“A must have for parents”  The App Times

“Box of Frogs Media has created the ultimate in interactive reading with a story that captivates kids and keeps parents happy at the same time” Apps and Applications



The Rock Pool Gang: The Beach Ball

In the depths of the quiet rock pool, Starfish, Crab and friends are woken from their deep sea sleep by a giant green Octopus, beating a drum!

The Rock Pool Gang: The Beach Ball, is a sumptuous story of some Cornish kooky rock pool crustaceans who are approached by a huge octopus who wants to BOOGIE!

The Beach Ball

The appbook is chock full of bold, colourful animations, entertaining interactions and tentacle tapping music that will have you cha-cha-cha-ing from morn till night.

Read by the wonderful children’s presenter Dave Benson-Philips this snappy number will certainly hook little ones in with the beats of the beach!



The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-Off

As the animals enjoy a pleasant slumber, an uninvited guest is released into the barn. See the chaos unfold as a group of farmyard friends try to figure out who did the Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-Off and how to get rid of it!Iddly Widdly Pop-Off

This hilarious interactive book will have you snickering and snorting your way through! With animations, mini-games and an interactive ‘pop-off counter’, get ready for a giggle as the barn animals desperately try to work out who dealt the pop-off!

From Australian author and illustrator Daniel Corcoran, the Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-Off is read by Dave Benson-Phillips who brings his energy and hilarity to this rather stinky appbook.



Birgitte Berteldatter’s Brilliant Birds and Beasts

Dive into the bizarre and exciting world of Birgitte Berteldatter, eccentric explorer and adventurer extraordinaire!

Her field journal has finally been published, releasing her astounding discoveries to the waiting world.

Brilliant Birds and Beasts

Slightly confused that these beasts only seem to appear to Birgitte, she makes notes and sketches of all the fantastic creatures she finds on her adventures, where the Rolling Beagle knows no fear, the Urban Flox will nibble your socks, and a trick to befriending the beautiful but rather pompous Royal Crested Tiger is to give him pink sherbet.

“One of the most encapsulating and engaging appbooks I have ever used! From ‘Kite Snakes’ to ‘Chewlips’ and ‘Dumbledogs’ there is so much to discover in Birgitte Berteldatter’s journal of Brilliant Birds and Beasts”. Educational App Store



Sophie and the Sea

“Oh, Granny’, whispered Sophie, ‘What will happen to the castle?” 
Join Sophie on one of her adventures as she and Granny make their way to the beach one bright Spring morning.In this beautiful new appbook from Box of Frogs Media, Sophie and her Granny head to the beach to build a big, beautiful sandcastle fit for a Sea Princess.

Sophie and the Sea

With stunning illustration, hidden games and beautiful voice-over, this traditional style story appbook set in the Dorset countryside is a charming, cosy read, full of interactions.

“There’s a vintage feel about the lovely illustrations in Sophie and the Sea, the latest book-app from publisher Box of Frogs Media. The scenes wouldn’t look out of place in a classic Ladybird book.” Apps Playground