Boj – Musical Mayhem


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Boo! It’s Boj!

In this interactive appbook, Boj’s buddies are all practicing the Cloppity Concerto to play at the Giggly Gig in the Park. But when Denzil breaks his guitar (‘with his own bottom!’), Boj shows him that with a bit of improvisation he can play at the concert with a homemade instrument!

Read to you by Jason Donovan (Pops in the TV show) these books come alive through multiple interactions, games and even a sing-a-long section at the end so the whole family can join in.


Know What's Inside


To read more about the iKids win, read the blog post HERE.

Features include:

-From a major CBeebies animation series “Boj” Know What's Inside
-Unique and specifically written story based on the Boj – Musical Mayhem TV episode.
-Read by Jason Donovan, (read to me feature)
-Fun games to play to help Boj with his collections!
-Join Boj to help him build wonderful gifts for his friends
-Sing-a-long section, sung by Jason Donovan
-Interact with the characters and environment on every page (24 pages packed full)
-An official Boj App

NO in-app purchasing! Read with your children in confidence that this is your time, your story.

Know Whats Inside (Mums With Apps certified)

*Voted one of the Guardian’s Top 20 iPhone and iPad apps*

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To find out more about Boj, Bilby’s and take part in competitions visit the official Boj website here


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