Brilliant Birds & Beasts

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“My name’s Birgitte Berteldatter, and my home is on this barge.

I like to go exploring, stalking creatures small and large.

I draw them in a book because not everyone can see my Brilliant Birds and Beasts. (I wonder if they’re stalking me?)”

Dive into the bizarre and exciting world of Birgitte Berteldatter, eccentric explorer and adventurer extraordinaire! Her field journal has finally been published, releasing her astounding discoveries to the waiting world. Slightly confused that these beasts only seem to appear to Birgitte, she makes notes and sketches of all the fantastic creatures she finds on her adventures, where the Rolling Beagle knows no fear, the Urban Flox will nibble your socks, and a trick to befriending the beautiful but rather pompous Royal Crested Tiger is to give him pink sherbet. 

NO in-app purchasing! Read with your children in confidence that this is your time, your story.

Know What's Inside

  • Hand drawn illustrations and animations
  • Tap the screen to find animations hidden on each page
  • Double tap or swipe to turn the page
  • Features original music
  • Read to Me and Read by Myself options with individual word highlights
  • Draw your own creatures!


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“One of the most encapsulating and engaging appbooks I have ever used! From ‘Kite Snakes’ to ‘Chewlips’ and ‘Dumbledogs’ there is so much to discover in Birgitte Berteldatter’s journal of Brilliant Birds and Beasts.” Educational App Store

“[Birgitte Beteldatter]‘s not real, but we hugely wish she was, and the animals she discovered.” Apps Playground

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