2 Boys & 2 Baboons


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2 Boys, 2 Baboons and Some Nasty Habits


Who climbs climbier?  Who messes messier?  Who swings swingier?  Boys or Baboons? 

Two Boy Brothers and Two Baboon Sisters are best friends.  The Boy Brothers worry their boy manners are too cruddy for the baboon family, and try to clean up their act.  But when the boys get stuck upside-down in the coconut tree, everyone’s notions of manners, cultural norms, friendship and identity get flung upside-down too.  Get set for some adventures, lots of laughs and a little lesson or two.

This bold, gorgeous interactive book from NY writer and TV Animation consultant Sharon Eisenberg is a charming romp of a tale aimed at slightly older children aged 4 – 8.

Join the two boy brothers and the two baboon sisters as they struggle to work out – what are good manners and bad manners?

2 Boys, 2 Baboons and Some Nasty Habits is due for a late Spring release 2015.