Our new record-your-own feature

by Book Frog

With the launch of Roobarb and Custard came a brand new feature for our books…

“Neeeeeee-ooooooooow! Neeeeeeeeeee-errrrrrrr-owwwww! Chugga-chugga-chugga-boooom!”

Ben sits at his desk making very realistic aeroplane noises while testing our new app, Roobarb and Custard and the Day Custard Was Grounded VERY loudly. No-one looks up from their desks. A totally normal day at Box of Frogs Media as we’re testing our new feature – record your own sound effects!

The Roobarb and Custard app was particularly apt for this new feature, for how else do you get toddlers to eat their dinner? With the aeroplane method, of course! We figured that faced with brightly coloured planes all through the book, the most fun you could get from them (as well as being able to drag them around the page to create plane trails and tapping on them to make them fly and do tricks) was to be able to record your amazing plane sounds and listen back to them when you’re done.



Record-Your-Own-Sound-Effects feature in Roobarb and Custard: When Custard was Grounded



We then rolled out the same feature in an update for the Iddly Widdly Pop-Off and Birgitte Berteldatter’s Brilliant Birds and Beasts. What noise do YOU think the Bouncerpillar would make? How about what the Sheep say when faced with the pongy pop-off?

To make the most of our spanking new feature, follow these simple instructions, courtesy of the Iddly Widdly Pop-Off, created by Daniel Corcoran.



Record-Your-Own-Sound-Effects instructional page from the Iddly Widdly Pop-Off



  1. If you see a microphone appear on the page, tap it to turn it on. The light will go red.
  2. Next, find the white circles near the animation you want to record over – tap on the white circle and  -
  3. Squeak! While the white circle turns red, the device is recording so go ahead and MAKE SOME NOISE!
  4. When you’re done, turn off the microphone by tapping it again. Now you can listen to your work by tapping on the animation.

For more information about our new feature, check out the FAQs on our FAQ page! 



Did you know that with the latest version of Apple Mac OS ‘Yosemite’, you can record your iPad activities as a screen-capture video?

See this link for more information – if you figure it out send us your movies with all your amazing sound effects recorded!