Making the Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-Off

by Book Frog

Our latest release was the second of our titles created with our publisher AND developer hats on.

Daniel approached us with his idea to transform his already printed book, the Iddly Widdly Pop-Off into an animated, interactive appbook.

Our first challenge was to take Daniel’s 32 page double-spread printed book and adjust the photoshop files to fit our new digital format. What we ended up with was a reformatted 18 page appbook created  in our Box of Frogs appbook framework that still maintained all the original content. At this stage, you could turn the pages and see the text and the images, but nothing was moving.

The next step was to meet the very talented animator Rob Brindle. Rob interpreted Daniel’s artwork and for each animation required, re-drew the individual pictures to create some very funny animations to Daniel’s already hilarious illustrations.

While Rob was busy animating, Daniel also joined in, bringing in his flair for animation, and together they brought all the animals in the Iddly Widdly Pop-Off to life.

The awesome music, sound effects and recorded VO was created entirely by MiKat Productions – quite a feat I think you’ll agree! Of course as you may have heard, the endlessly enthusiastic Dave-Benson Phillips came on board as our narrator.  His passion and natural comedy really brings the narrative to life – we had to stop a few times during recording so everyone could get their giggling out of their system! It was such a blast to work with Dave again.

Each page has something special – while you’re reading the book, the Pop-off itself can be found floating about on each page. See if the Ninja Pig can hit it right off the page, or whether you can squeeze it through that gap in the barn door… tap the pop-off to hear some rather funky noises and behind the scenes, we are counting each time you do – giving you a grand total when you complete the book!

This particular book has been a brilliant one to work on, not only because listening to everyone giggling in the office always sets everyone else off, but with all the different people working on individual parts of the book, it’s been a blast to see everything coming together so well.

The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-Off is available on the iTunes App Store and is aimed at kids age 4+ but a word of warning! This is a VERY farty experience.


About Daniel

Originating from Perth in Western Australia but now based in Melbourne, Daniel continues a successful career as an author, designer and illustrator but his lifelong passion has always been cartooning and drawing.  Daniel started writing children’s books to raise money for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital’s via the Elise Sneddon Foundation and he continues to support this valuable cause through sales proceeds from his books.  Daniel loves writing and illustrating stories that help us all ‘laugh at life often’.

‘The world is too serious; especially for our kids, and we all need more things to laugh at,’ says Daniel.  Through the watchful eyes of his wife and two kids, Daniel is bringing his hilarious stories to life with a unique style and colorful illustrations.   The feedback from author visits and book readings across Australia shows Daniel also has a natural talent for presenting.  He continues to entertain kids with interactive live sketching demonstrations and a recent review from a private school in Melbourne stated ‘Many staff believes that Daniel was the best author we have ever had.’

In more recent news, Daniel has started a YouTube channel showing his ’2 Minute Doodles’ really snappy doodle videos to show kids how doodling can be a doddle! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2minsdoodles

Find out more about Daniel:



Twitter: @Characteristix