Lewes Old Grammar School AppClub

by Book Frog

We’ve been slightly off the radar for the last few months but there’s a good reason why!

As well as working on the upcoming book, Raven and Mouse we’ve been busy with Lewes Old Grammar School year 7-9 working on their projects in our latest venture, AppClub.

Box of Frogs AppClub

Our after-school club combines our love of literacy and creative writing with our passion for interactive apps and digital media. Over a series of weeks, we encourage creative students to write and illustrate their own 10 page storybook. In week 3, our own sound engineer from Mikat Productions joins us at the school along with his fancy voice-over recording equipment and the student narrate their written stories.

In the last few sessions they get their hands on our bespoke framework using Unity, where we’ve simplified our own process. They learn how to add Components, drag in their illustrated assets, add text boxes and sound files to their project working in individual Scenes.


We’ve just finished with our first brave school, Lewes Old Grammar years 7, 8 & 9. What a great bunch of enthusiastic students! We’ve got stories of post-apocalyptic robots, escaped zoo animals, a story of star-crossed insects and even a story about Winston the frog! It’s been a fascinating term full of flash creative writing lessons, giggling voice-overs and some epic illustrations. The student picked up Unity incredibly quickly and we can’t wait to get their work out and published.

Watch this space!