Iddly Widdly Pop-Off lives!

by Book Frog

We are delighted to announce our 7th release is now available on iTunes

It’s not just a simple case of whoever smelt it dealt it – in the story kids are taken on a deliriously hilarious journey to discover who’s at the BOTTOM of the stinky fart attack!

Author Daniel Corcoran’s brilliant and bold characters are vividly brought to life by the zany narration from Dave Benson Philips (Get your Own Back and Playdays) that promises to have kids giggling all the way to bedtime.

Silent but violent, this book is not and the Box of Frogs sound effects team had much fun creating some joyous bottom burping bellows! In the mini game that compliments the story, kids can let rip and play along by tapping the gloriously animated mischievous toxic fart, to create infectious laughter inducing noises.

App features include:

  • Narrated by Dave Benson-Phillips

  • Hand drawn illustrations

  • Hilarious animations

  • Interactive moments hidden on each page

  • Mini-games

  • Read to Me and Read by Myself options with individual word highlights

Box Of Frogs Media have provided production management, art services (interpretation and animation), technical build and is the publisher on behalf of Daniel. This book is culmination of many months of work and Box Of Frogs Media is thrilled to have been involved in such an exciting collaboration.

The Iddly Widdly Pop-Off has been converted into an interactive digital app book format and rebuilt using Box Of Tricks, BoF’s collection of appbook goodies.

Check out the trailer below or get the app HERE: