Have a Hoppy Birthday with Boj!

by Book Frog

Our third in the series of Boj appbooks, Hoppy Birthday is now available on iPhone and iPad!


We’re thrilled to tell you that our third Boj appbook featuring Jason Donovan as narrator is available on iTunes!

It’s Rupa’s birthday! Boj helps Mia choose something special for the perfect birthday present to give her but how can it match up to what Gavin brings to the party?

Boj is a free-spirited bilby – a rare bandicoot from the Australian Outback, full of creativity and messy fun! Since popping up as the new kid in Giggly Park, Boj has made a load of new buddies. Everyone loves his zest for life and adventurous spirit.

The Boj series is a celebration of childhood. Boj shows us all how to loosen up, be free-thinking, creative, proactive and resourceful – and ultimately how to put aside our differences and all get along

This immersive interactive digital appbook contains no in-app purchasing or external links. It has a Read to Me and Read by Myself option, games within the story and a sing-along at the end of the book.

Boj – Hoppy Birthday is the third in a series of Boj appbooks, with Boj – The Collector being the first release, Boj – Musical Mayhem the second and both of these apps receiving 5* reviews and reaching the Top 5 in the Book charts. All three in the series are available now on the iTunes store and are available on both iPad and iPhone.

Boj is currently being aired on CBeebies in the UK, RTEjr & S4C. It’ll be on ABC4Kids Australia in September and on air on PBS Sprout & YLE (Finland) in October. There are also planned for transmission for France5 and Yoopa (TVA Canada).


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