Girls in Tech with Varndean School

by Book Frog

Another session with Albion in the Community for us last week, this time with Varndean School!

A little bit warmer, a little bit brighter for our second trip to the Albion stadium. The Girls in Tech session as part of Albion in the Community was with a different school this time, Varndean school for girls. The room we were in was different too – this time we were in the executive box overlooking the football pitch, amazing!

We had a few more girls than last time for this session, and we were pre-warned that they were keen to learn more about the tech behind what we do than perhaps the creative side. Well! Not only were interested in testing and learning the nuts and bolts of the behind-the-scene stuff but they were super creative and totally amazed us with what they came up with in such a short amount of time.

The iPads the Girls in Tech team have available now have our Roobarb and Custard app and our award-winning app Boj Musical Mayhem installed, so the girls had fun playing through the books and testing them for UX design (User Experience) content delivery, overall entertainment and reading encouragement.
After a quick feedback session where the girls gave us some awesome ideas for updates in the future – calling all Devs out there, get these girls to test your apps, they’re great! – we got them creating their own interactive book ideas on paper.

What an amazing range of brilliance! How about an interactive recipe books for kids? A gorgeous children’s story about elephants getting lost in the forest? We even had an idea for a game for boys and girls based around … eyebrows. Ah, the ever-present fear of ‘bad eyebrows’….!

We finished the session with a Q&A about our backgrounds and the industry in general, and Ben showed the girls how we build a scene in Unity using our Boj project as an example. They were incredibly observant, interested and enthusiastic – such fun! We’re already hoping to work with Varndean again soon, what a lot of talent!

To find Boj, Musical Mayhem on the App Store follow this link: http://bit.ly/musicalmayhem

To find Roobarb and Custard: When Custard Was Grounded on the App Store, follow this link: http://bit.ly/roobarbcustard