Girls in Tech with Albion in the Community

by Book Frog

Albion in the Community is a fantastic scheme encouraging extra curricular activities.

Last Thursday 29th January, Box of Frogs was invited to the Albion football stadium to lead a workshop with one branch of the Albion in the Community scheme called ‘Girls in Tech’. The idea is to reach girls before they make their GCSE choices and encourage them to take more computer based subjects and get them thinking about careers.

We arrived armed with iPads, our showreel video and a pile of ‘analogue’ tools like pens and paper..!

The idea was to first get the girls testing our apps – this time our Roobarb and Custard appbook – to see if they could give us feedback on what they thought we could do in our next update. We had such an amazing response from this first task! They were asked to thoroughly test the Record-Your-Own sound effects feature, which was hilarious seeing/hearing what they came up with. By the end of that task we had a fantastic list of suggestions, some we’d already thought of and some completely new ideas.


Dave from AITC next to the feedback list

The next task was to start thinking about creating their own storyboard app.

  • Think of some characters, a setting.
  • What could your character’s journey in this book be?
  • How about some interactive elements in your story?
  • Use the felt tips and colouring pencils to sketch illustration ideas.

We gave them about 40 minutes to get started on this task and we couldn’t BELIEVE the results! The girls were so enthusiastic and amazingly talented.

By the end of the session we had characters, storylines, mini-games, a thorough USER EXPERIENCE guide from one team (?!) and even instructional pages.

We were so impressed by the girls from Patcham High school and we’d love to do something similar again soon.

If your school would be interested in a Box of Frogs Media workshop aimed at getting kids thinking about:

- Digital Media

- Creative Writing

- App development

- Publishing

please get in touch with Kat at kat@boxoffrogsmedia.com

For more information about Albion in the Community visit this link: http://albioninthecommunity.org.uk/