Computer Science with St Wilfrid’s School

by Book Frog

We were kindly invited by the IT dept at St Wilfrid’s to visit their year 10 Computer Science class.

So there we were, one day working on our up and coming appbooks and the next we were standing in front of a class of 30 students talking about Box of Frogs and our roles, introducing them to our book apps and talking about overall roles in the digital media industry.

We got a great response, within the 50 minute lesson we introduced ourselves and the company, showed off our little showreel and then popped the following 5 questions for them to answer on the INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD (an incredible classroom tool that didn’t exist when we were at school! It was Over Head Projectors for us!)

  1. What are the main things all our digital book have in common?

  2. Think about project roles – who do you think needs to be involved when creating a digital book?

  3. How do you think you could improve on the digital books you’ve looked at?

  4. What do you think are the most effective ways to get kids reading?

  5. What were your favourite books as kids? Are there digital versions available?

St Wilfrid's School logo

St Wilfrid’s School logo

We handed out our iPads with all the Box of Frogs books loaded up, and let the students play whilst having a think about the questions above. After a short time we asked the students for their answers and got some feedback on our books.

The Year 10s at St Wilfrid’s are currently coding an app in their usual Computer Science class (when they’re not being interrupted by us!)  based on finding spare computers on a university campus. We were astounded at how quickly they were putting it together and the confidence they had working with code – it’s brilliant to be able to chat with these future developers and put what they are learning in class into a possible context for future careers.

The school was marvellous at making us feel really welcome and the students were all rather awe inspiring, frankly! They really are a whole new digital generation and we’re super keen to do more future work with them. So, thank you again St Wilfrid’s School for having us!

On that note – we’ve also joined Inspiring the Future, helpfully recommended by the lovely Holly at St Wilfrid’s so if you’re a schoolteacher looking for a company to do a talk or would like to chat further to us about our Design-Your-Own-Digital-Book course, find us on there or get in touch with Kat.