Boj Musical Storytime with Dave B-P

by Book Frog

Tickets to our Boj show were called “The hottest kid’s tickets in town” at the Fringe Festival…!

The first showing sold out before the Brighton Fringe Festival brochures had been published and we were urged by the festival organisers to put on a second show on the same day. The second show sold out the day the brochures were published! Our Boj – Musical Storytime with Dave Benson-Phillips was already a hit!

With our award-winning interactive storybook, Boj – Musical Mayhem projected live onto a wall, on Wednesday 27th May at the Unitarian Church on New Road, the wonderful Dave Benson-Phillips read the storybook aloud to our young audience using the animations as beautifully timed enhancements to each page . The children were encouraged to participate for the mini-games, and of course everyone warmed up really quickly with Dave putting his usual energy and flair into the performance (especially the parts with his own voiced character, Dr Woof!).

Then it was time to get Boj-ing! A craft table was set up in the room with cardboard tubes, tin foil, tape, string, coins, empty bottles and lentils! What could you make? A pair of castanets, a rattling maraca or a boj-a-boom microphone to sing into, to start with! While the kiddies got crafting, there were classic squash and biscuits on offer to keep their energy up. Once they’d made a noisy instrument we all settled back with Dave to get singing! Joined by Mike from MiKat Productions (our amazing musical audio engineer) the pair led the audience in some Boj classics as well as the favourite playgroup songs we all know and love – with everyone joining in with their home made instruments! What a lot of crash-bash-plinky-plonky-bingy-bonga-booming!

Best quotes we heard as we took tickets on the door and as audience members departed:

“I hear these are the hottest tickets in town!”

“This is the best kids event we’ve seen at the Fringe this year!”

“You could put this on all week!”

So watch this space for another Boj event coming to you soon! Meanwhile check out some of the pictures taken on the day below.