2 Boys, 2 Baboons and Some Nasty Habits

by Book Frog

There’s a new appbook on our horizon, written and illustrated by NY resident, Sharon Eisenberg…

Our trip to New York last year had us chatting to SO many people. One of those amazing people turned out to be much more than a friendly “hello and how are you?”

Sharon Eisenberg, a TV animation consultant and former executive, was pitching her TV cartoon ideas at Kidscreen when we were introduced to her at the end of one particularly long networking day.  Her gorgeous, bold prints and funny narratives really caught our imaginations and soon we were chatting happily away, friends already.

Fast forward and we’re now ready to animate Sharon’s vibrant digital story, ’2 Boys, 2 Baboons and Some Nasty Habits’. A 25 page story aimed at children 4 – 8.

Eating pineapple spaghetti with a fork instead of their feet… Peeling an orange before eating it… The Two Boy Brothers sure have some nasty habits!  To keep their best friends — the Two Baboon Sisters — these Two Boy Brothers need to correct their cruddy manners.  Not so easy!  Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Baboon try to teach their daughters to behave like proper baboons.  Like picking bugs out of each other’s fur.  But when the boys get stuck upside-down in the coconut tree, everyone’s notion of manners, cultural norms and friendship get flung upside-down, too.  The stinky, sticky and swingy efforts of the boys and baboons will empower them to stay true to who they really are.

The book will be released this Spring, with animations on every page and some exciting narration, this gorgeous book is going to be such a brilliant addition to the Box of Frogs catalogue.

About Sharon

Sharon Eisenberg has resourcefully built her lifelong love of art design, storytelling, world travels and “make-believe” into 20 successful years in children’s media.  She is an accomplished creative and production executive, consultant and new-business developer, as well as a talented writer and illustrator.  Eisenberg served as director of creative development for Hanna-Barbera Studios, Warner Bros. TV Animation, PMMP Animation in Paris, Imagistic Digital, Ruby-Spears Productions and Shari Lewis Productions.  Currently, Eisenberg operates a kid’s media consultancy, BuzzWorks, and writes and illustrates under the banner Playfully Posh Pictures.  Her properties include “2 Boys and 2 Baboons”, “Pretty Icky”, “Dumpling, Paco and Red”, “Snake Swap”, “Minty Dragon Breath”, “Piper’s Play Dates”, “Trash Bin Boys” and “Which Snacks with a Witch”, among others.  A Los Angeles native, Eisenberg worked in Paris for seven years.  She is fluent in French and conversant in Spanish.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University. Now Eisenberg lives in New Jersey with her husband and two little boys.